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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Chef Tonne's shares the Health Benefits of Banana and Potatoes and Makes Them the Ideal Choice for the Military and you too.

Chef Tonne has been serving healthy food to United States Department of Defense for over a decade now. She knows very well what it takes to create food for super heroes who fight for our safety on the line of fire. Military food is not the food for commoners, for it has to be packed with nutrition and all of those healthy things that a military menu demands to see their corps fit and ready. She is also constantly faced with challenge to make the food utterly delicious which are otherwise dull and boring. 
Because of her keen interest in developing tasty and healthy food alternatives, Chef Tonne has been awarded with many projects and contracts to cook food by prestigious government departments such as Department of Justice, United State Air Force, National Guard, Marine Special Forces (MARSOC), US Army Reserve and many more military and first responders. 
Just a week back as I had an opportunity to speak to her over the internet, she told me that bananas and potatoes are extremely important in military. They are almost kind of staple food since it is eaten by the military veterans on a daily basis. Given the health benefits of bananas and potatoes, she has always ensured her menu is never short of it, especially when the menu is for military veterans. Her decade of experience has honed her in breathing life to even the most boring and monotonous food. Banana is a favorite food for many and no one can ever have enough to get bored with this delicious creamy food. To make the things even more interesting, Chef Tonne came up with many recipes for Desserts, Side Dishes, and Snacks that freely uses bananas. This creamy, rich, sweet banana is a good source of vitamins, minerals as well as fiber. Banana is a natural source of potassium that is helpful in maintaining normal blood pressure and heart function. A small size banana contains whopping 400-plus mg of potassium. Banana is a fruit that tastes quite sweet when ripe, yet interestingly it ranks quite low in glycemic index (GI) value. By the way GI measures the impact of food on our blood sugar. Banana also contains especial type of pectin that helps digestive system. Potatoes have always been military’s favorite food world over. In fact it has changed the course of many major historical events. But without going much into the role of potato in shaping history, we will see what makes potato military’s favorite food. 
Many would find this surprising, but a cooked potato holds 26 calories and is packed with nutrients. Potato contains complex carbohydrate that helps you keep fuller, longer and thus also helps you reduce binge-eating. Potatoes are also surprisingly rich in immune-boosting Vitamin C. A medium size potato with skin is good enough to provide 27mg Vitamin C. According to a research published by the Institute for Food Research in Norwich, potatoes contain blood-pressure lowering molecules known as kukoamines. 

Hope you guys enjoyed reading this interesting article that gives a glimpse of what goes into making super food for the military and first responders who fight for our freedom. 

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