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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Warm Weather is coming.....beware of ice cream! Ice Cream is high in calcium, vitamin D, which can serve as a vital part of the neuromuscular growth as well as immune system.  It can also be high in fat and sugar so please proceed with caution when serving up your favorite dish of this american classic.  Many of us might not be aware that all ice creams are not halal. 

The next time you are in the store buying groceries and decide to pick up your favorite ice cream look at the brand
and if it contains the UD or K D symbols on them. 

These brand of ice cream and dairy products are NOT Halal and contain gelatin or form of gelatin used for binding.
Dean- all cream flavors
Healthy Choice
Blue Bell

If you look for the brands listed below  they have UD or KD on the
products and the meet Halal standards. (Surah 2:172)
Blue Bunny
Haagen Dazs
Ben & Jerry UD
Dreyers K or UD only