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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Mr. Steve Harvey pushed my culinary skills to a new level...once again. hahahaha.

This past week I had the pleasure of seeing my adopted big brother at his sprawling 200 acre ranch located outside Dallas, Texas.  Steve Harvey pushed my level of culinary skills to a level in which I surprised myself, my mission: to feed him a organic vegan diet of soul food without the use of soy, sugar, white flour,white rice.  My question what is soul food?  This menu took me from the slave ships of western Africa, to the fertile Caribbean Islands, and finally back to my roots of Louisiana. His menu consisted of vegan herb infused Collards greens, sweet potatoes in a cinnamon, clove reduction, vegan rolled oat griddle cakes made with almond flour with a blueberry reduction, vegan red beans and rice, ginger peanut butter soup served with braised cauliflower, pan fried  green beans with roasted cashews, and the infamous jollof rice (brown rice) on a bed of roasted veggies.
 I am looking forward to the opening of Classic Cup Cafe where I can further educate the public on the importance of healthy eating.   Thank you Steve for helping me perfect my craft and respecting me enough to fly halfway across the country to hire me to help you achieve what "GOD has in store for you in 2012." Your lil sis since 2003-Chef Tonne

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  1. Wow...that is very very cool! Keep up the great work. We enjoyed you at Paul Quinn College's Community Cook Event.

    Student Photographer W3R